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For People Who Refuse to Play by the (food) Rules

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Let me tell you a secret:

It was never about the food

Have you ever looked down at the counter at an empty bag of cookies and asked yourself, What the hell happened??? Who just ate all those cookies???

Like some outer force (like cake and french fries) completely hijacked your brain, and you're eating against your will?

So you try A-L-L the diets. The no-carb diet. The slow-carb diet. The one where you get to slather everything in butter, even your morning cup of coffee. Nothing's working. You lose a few, gain a few, always ending up just a little bit more defeated and beat up than last time.

What if I told you, you've been looking in the wrong direction?

That there's a simpler way out. A science-backed method that puts you back in control of your own brain. One that doesn't involve deprivation or worse, willpower. And you don't have to go sugar-free, gluten-free, fun-free to do it!

You can be in control of your food choice AND eat the Doritos. (Just don't blame me when it turns out you didn't actually want them in the first place!) 

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Hello, friend! I'm Fernanda

I once consumed nothing but shakes for three weeks. Three weeks of no solid food! And I was so proud of myself.

...until I fell of the wagon and gained it all back in a single weekend.

Listen, I've done the diet thing. The elimination. The deprivation. The starvation. None of it worked. I'm the ultimate loser of the diet world. And I'm so grateful.

Because if any of that B.S had actually worked, I'd never had found the food freedom I have today.


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