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The first time I invited Fernanda onto my stage, I knew she was up to big things! Here is a superwoman on a mission to change the world. It's no wonder, that she won our annual Breakthrough of the Year Award as was voted on by over 200 attendees at our live event. A passionate leader who’s inspiring her audience to rise to the next level. I can’t wait to see what she’ll accomplish next! She is known for inspiring others to become the best version of themselves. If you want a stellar coach who is willing to guide you from point A to point B and hold you to your vision so that you can create breakthrough after breakthrough, you’ll find that in her. Highly recommended.

~ James Wedmore, CEO Business by Design

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Fernanda is a wise, compassionate soul who can guide you toward food freedom. She has seen something about the human experience that has given her a wisdom that is rare. She has been where you are. Let her share what she's seen with you!

~ Dr. Amy Johnson, Author of the bestselling The Little Book of Big Change

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Client Love:
”I am free from eating issues. I'm truly free. Working with Fernanda has changed my life!”

I've struggled with food issues all my life. Intense overeating, bingeing, and I was simply miserable much of the time. Food really ruled my life, both what to eat, all day long, and also my weight. Food and weight have brought so much pain into my life. I've followed many diets, more than I can count. Basically, I've tried and done a lot to help with this. It was a little scary to make the leap into the unknown, and I am so happy I did! I finally have peace with food. I am taking responsibility for my eating, and I'm loving it! I'm not suffering anymore. I found my way forward into a place of empowerment and responsibility. Fernanda goes above and beyond to connect with those of us who work with her. The program is grounded in science to help people transform their relationship with food. If you are looking for a path to food freedom, especially a path that is self-created, you should absolutely work with Fernanda. She’s a wonderful coach, committed to her clients!

- Denise
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“This program has opened my eyes to a new way of thinking, both about food and about my other habits. It has changed my life.”

Before joining this program, I had a lot of bad food habits that were making it hard to lose the extra 10-15 extra pounds. I was mindlessly eating at night, craving sweets, and overeating. I felt that I didn't have enough discipline or self-control. Since joining this program, I have almost reached my goal weight. I no longer snack mindlessly at night. Fernanda knows her stuff. It feels like a friend is guiding you through the course. Trust her and trust yourself - join the program! You won't regret it.

- Steph

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”This program was so magnificent I don't think there's anything that could have possibly been better. It should be core-curriculum for everyone”

I felt like I was trapped and had no way out. I was binge eating and couldn't seem to find a way to stop. I was somewhat hesitant to do this program because I've been through so many diet and weight loss programs. Eating on Tellus has given me back my life. I feel like I have so much more insight, so much more wisdom and that I am having moments of pure joy and gratitude.This really is a course on bringing our best selves forward. I cannot thank you enough. The program taught me that I could have sugar and flour if I wanted them but I really don't want them. I truly don't. Everyone needs to take this because it's really a soul exploration. This work is what we all need. Gratitude doesn't capture it. All of the parts of this course were deeply thought out and presented in such a fabulous way it just moves your soul. This was absolutely the best course I have ever taken.

- Beatrice

”I found peace with food and ultimately with myself. It's as if I found the music inside of my heart.”

I'm smart, I "knew" better, but I just could not grasp why I felt so compelled to binge. It felt like the other programs I’d been in were either to vent about how it's so sad and so hard or it was to tell me that I need to do this or that and follow the rules. I was actually afraid at first Fernanda be selling a religious belief because I had a preconceived notion of meditation. Everything and nothing, ha ha! I see things so differently. This program, was about finding the strength that is inside of us and tapping into what is already there. I now have the space to decide how I will react to my surroundings. I have the calm to not react when there is food that I think I want very badly. I can sit with it and roll it around in my mind and talk it out and, ultimately, walk away. It's really superb. Truthfully, I loved every moment of this program. I feel like a superhero!

- Kate
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”I will be forever grateful to Fernanda for having shown me an amazing path to life with food freedom, loving myself, mindfulness and ultimately to happiness”

I have always struggled with food or body image. I have tried and failed at every single diet and food plan. I was hating myself, filled with resentment and missing out on life. I kept blaming my lack of willpower. I always thought it was about diets not working for me. No other program has focused on my true well being but always appealed to promote happiness by losing weight. After Eating on Tellus I finally understood what the real cause of my weight problem was. I’m finally at peace with myself. Two of the most important things I have achieved are forgiveness and self love. These two feelings have brought so much happiness to my life. Thank you Fernanda for opening my eyes and heart to the person I truly am today. I love being me! This has truly been a blessing.

- Blanca
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”After 8 weeks, I knew I would never binge again and found an unexpected peace with all food.”

I had been struggling with binging and restricting for 25 years before working with Fernanda. I had tried everything to end the struggle with no success. I have always considered myself a smart, motivated, goal oriented person, so it was very frustrating that I could not figure this out and eat like a normal person. When I started Eating on Tellus, I had doubts that I could ever achieve 100% food freedom since binging felt so engrained. I was just hoping for any improvement. After 8 weeks, I knew I would never binge again and found an unexpected peace with all food. As amazing as this shift was after 25 years of struggling, the deeper transformation was even more surprising. As I used Fernanda's tools to rewire my brain, I gained a new perspective on my thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and how I see myself in the world. I’m excited to apply everything I’ve learned to all aspects of my life! Throughout the course, Fernanda was there with the exact type of support I needed in the moment, whether it was motivation, guidance, support, kindness or tough love. Her genuine passion for helping people embrace the best version of themselves shines through in every interaction.

- Miriam
”Ahhh, I’m tearing up as I write this because I am doing it! I am rewiring my brain! I can’t even believe this is me.”

This stuff is so powerful. I know it’s only been 8 weeks, and I’m so excited with the progress I’ve made! It is so relieving to finally be on the right path. I now get to choose how I want to react to a situation instead of turning to food. I’m actually feeling grateful for my eating disorder because it has lead me to be doing this work and I know that I am really powerfully changing my life and how I show up in the world. I am so very grateful.

- Aria
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"I could define this course as “Life-changing” for me because it raised awareness not only about food but above all about how my mind works."
I joined the program because I consider myself a sugar junkie. When I started the course, I soon realized the knowledge Fernanda was sharing had been collected via a scientific, thorough research. This research has been the leitmotiv of her own search for freedom, and it is huge. My biggest win is having raised my overall awareness and I do not mean only on a food-related level, but on a personal level.

- Silvia

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"Eating on Tellus is a brilliant program that offers the true answers to the issue of powerful food cravings, and what we might deem as a lack of control related to food."
Fernanda’s cutting edge approach to this confounding problem contains the long term solution I have sought for 4 decades. My own struggle with urges to eat and fluctuating weight began when I was 12. It lead me on a long path of experimentation with “optimized” food plans and extensive training in holistic health and transformational coaching. Fernanda brings it all together in an illuminating and effective program that is made entirely enjoyable by her special brand of relatability, warmth, depth and light-heartedness.

- Gina

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Now I feel free. I eat the food that makes me feel fabulous. I can say no. No drama. I know 100% that I can whatever, whenever I want. I listen to my body, not my head. I have found peace with food. I have food freedom.
— Eating on Tellus Alumni (December 2018)
I’m at two months without binging! Every day it feels more and more foreign to me.
— Eating on Tellus Alumni (December 2018)
I am now choosing what to eat with intention. I have true freedom with food....thank you so much, Fernanda, for this (past) month, it has been life-changing.
— Eating on Tellus Alumni (December 2018)
This intensive has been life-changing...Now I know what to do! I felt like I was getting nowhere, now the sky is the limit. Thank you! Thank you too to all the members that participated. I learned so much from your stories and eye openers and successes!
— Eating on Tellus Alumni (December 2018)
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I can’t imagine getting stuck in that vortex anymore. It’s amazing. I feel so good and there is so much more joy in my life.
— Eating on Tellus Alumni (December 2018)
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"I began this course with lots of hope and some hesitation. I desperately wanted for this to be it; for it to be the once-and-for-all solution that finally resolved my binge and emotional eating problems after 25 years of suffering. I thought that was a monumental ask. Turns out, that was small fry for Fernanda. In just sixty days she’s shown me the way out of the shame spiral, the compulsive behaviours and the weight roller coaster, forevermore. I am 100% certain I’ve got this now, in a way I’ve never had it before (not even when I was eating well, exercising and feeling good). It’s been so much easier and simpler than I thought possible. Not only that, what she has illuminated for me is as grand in scope as the universe. I’ve discovered an entirely new way of being; one that is joyful, present, confident and centred. Fernanda’s course has cleared the fog from my eyes that I didn’t know was there. I’ve suffered debilitating anxiety and depression in the past. No more. I feel truly free. I cannot emphasise enough how life changing this course is. This might be the one case where when it seems too good to be true, it’s actually not. Believe her. Believe me. This is worth every penny. Take the leap and you will be forever grateful."

- Natalie

"Hi, my name is Teresa! I joined the Eating On Tellus course because I felt desperate about my eating disorders. At 13, not being overweight or having any health issue I became anorexic, at 15 bulimic and from there on I have always dealt with binge eating... and this has gone on for 33 years. I have followed traditional psychological and psychiatric conventional therapy for years, I have been treated by some of the most renowned experts in eating disorders in different countries, I have taken all kind of meds, I have even been hospitalized, ... but nothing worked long term. I happened to “meet” Fernanda while surfing on the Internet looking for one more solution... her approach was innovative, different, it was not about the food and this really resonated with me because I have always known deep inside it was about my mind, about my permanent lack of mental peace... Before joining I was a bit afraid that it might not work, but not as much as when I have gone to a new therapist in the past. I was committed to do all it took. And I did. ... and something, don’t know what, happened. I have stopped obsessing about food, I have stopped bingeing, overeating, over exercising... For the last three weeks, and without trying, I had no binges, no food thoughts, no losing weight obsession... The very best of the program is Fernanda. No doubt about it. She is always there for you. She is generous, compassionate, kind, affectionate, loving, devoted, committed, honest, sincere, patient,... there are not enough words to describe all the positive qualities she has and she uses with every single one of the persons in the program (who, btw, are awesome and a great help, too, thanks to Fernanda because she creates an amazing community ready to help and support each other). If you can, please join. Your own journey will be different to everyone else, but Fernanda will show you the way to get out of your mess. Truly. And on top of everything, you’ll learn a lot about your brain and LIFE with capital letters."

- Teresa

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Client Love

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"This is an incredible program. All of the lessons are clear and easy to follow. I was in a program that is based on Overeaters Anonymous (OA) so there was quite a bit of emphasis on being addicted. I never felt that I was an addict but it seeped into my head, making my bad eating habits worse. Eating on Tellus is completely different! No sense of guilt. In particular, I loved the meditations."

- Nichole

"Was it going to be a scam? Should I really risk going all in, again? Maybe this is just another person claiming to have found the diet that changes everything. I googled “Eating on Tellus” and couldn’t find any information, no testimonials, no publications. There was no way to see ahead of time what the program was. I was so tired of those infomercials that draw you in with their hypothesis on what’s wrong with you and how their program will finally fix you. I was skeptical. The Life on Tellus mini course, (5-Day Mini Course ed note) however, promised a very different approach and I was willing to give it a try. I have learned so much about myself—-it’s really quite amazing! I am so thankful that I discovered Fernanda and her course Eating on Tellus. My life has truly changed for the better as a result of this course. Fernanda has helped me to realize that my food problems are simply the consequence of my habits. She provided me with the knowledge and tools to rewire my habits with the goal of achieving freedom from food-related urges. I am now on a path to becoming a healthy happy person with a healthy relationship with food. Fernanda’s hands-on caring approach and wonderful video series made the entire process nothing short of a remarkable experience. A very important side benefit for me has been a significant improvement in anxiety as well. If you feel that food controls your life and if you want the controls back, do not hesitate to join Fernanda and the Eating on Tellus course."

- Jodi

"This course has been the missing link that I have been searching for. Stumbling across Fernanda and her Eating on Tellus course has become such an amazing experience. I have tried so many diet plans but there always seemed to be something missing, I always felt there had to be more to it than just the food. I have finally learnt that it isn’t about the food and Fernanda has guided me and provided the skills and resources to finally have a life with food freedom."

- Angela

"This Eating on Tellus Course is a game changer. It takes you into the unexplored territory within your own brain and gives you a map for becoming yourself.” The tact and passionate beliefs of the instructor are engaging, to say the least. I have learned to step along the path to a new and more peaceful version of myself, without the chaos of constant battles concerning food. What a blessing!"

- Laura

"I have taken many online courses before. Some were very good; others not so much. I learned and retained some of the lessons but most never really affected me personally. Fernanda’s course didn’t feel like online teaching. It was like she was talking to me individually, to my heart and soul.” Fernanda has a gift for teaching that I was lucky enough to experience. I realized true freedom from cravings and emotional eating. I finally understood and incorporated mindfulness into my life. Unlike other weight related courses, Fernanda did not talk about what to eat and not to eat. She assumed I was smart enough to know how to pick healthy foods. Instead she freed me from the prison of cravings and responding to anxiety by stuffing my face. Each module was perfectly crafted and flowed beautifully into the next. One of the most fun parts of the course was the Zoom call every week where I got to “talk” to Fernanda, through chat, about my questions and reactions to what I was studying. She made herself astonishingly available in the Facebook group and always had an answer for our questions or reassurance for the rough spots. I cannot say enough good things about Fernanda. Her course came along at the perfect time and I think she’s an angel."

- Dorinda

"I believe this plan is very different than others because it deals with the core of compulsive binge eating and doesn’t just offer quick fixes with rules and guidelines which are not sustainable. Fernanda is fabulous and so is the course. It is very thoughtful, comprehensive, and very helpful. I’m afraid that I won’t be able to put into words how I feel about this course but I will try. What is different is the way it was so thoroughly presented in conjunction with tools of meditation, EFT, weekly calls, videos, daily support, etc. Fernanda has such a gift of presenting everything. I am so appreciative of everything that was offered and I know I am on the road to myself and food freedom."

- Susan

"As a retired teacher and women’s minister I am selective about who I listen to! This program has been a blessing to me. I am so looking forward to further development of my skills that are a vital part of developing food freedom. I am 4’11” and my heaviest hut 350+lbs. I am on my way to restoring my health. My choices will create freedom in every area of my life! Oh and by the way I am down to 279lbs now. Still traveling on this journey but knowing I have the tools I need to succeed!"

- Cathy

"This program was about finding the strength that is inside of us and tapping into what is already there. Fernanda found a way to show us how we can find peace with food and ultimately, with ourselves. I came across this course with my first thought being “this pretty woman has no idea what I’m struggling with.” Truly, no one that is beaten, broken and has tried almost every single diet could ever truly find freedom with food. Could someone who has run the gauntlet of food rules, restrictions, and fought the overwhelming urge to binge ever truly be at peace? I decided to challenge my thoughts and decided two very important things. One was to do exactly as I was told, every single exercise and meditation, I would write down whatever I was told; just so I could prove that it wouldn’t work for me. Well, within a few days, however, I saw something, just a shift. And that was really all it took. The momentum has just built from there and it makes me a little emotional seeing how in so many ways it was so much easier than I made it out to be. I really was searching for it to be impossibly difficult because I had a belief that the good things take the most work, and it was so far from that. The complete opposite, actually. Life with food freedom is possible, and it is even inevitable when you truly give it your all and put your heart into it. I can’t thank Fernanda enough. "

- Kayte

"I have taken SO many courses and this one is realistic and it’s so true.” It’s not about the food. It’s about the brain behind the food. This course is like no other. Not only are my thoughts different and freeing around food but my attitude and relationships have only improved with a more positive outlook."

- Gina

"This is what helped me the last miles of my weight loss. For anyone struggling with food, THIS course changed my life! It was the ultimate game changer that finally got me to a true place of food freedom. Beyond anything, I could imagine! This course took me to the next level where all other programs failed! "

- Sabrina

"The Eating on Tellus course is a game changer. It has provided me with insight into my urges and how to dismiss them. For once I am no longer obsessed with food thoughts all day long. I thought it could be a waste of time and probably wouldn’t work for me. I’ve become more thankful and appreciative of day to day events. I wasn’t provided with a list of food I can and can’t eat. There weren’t restrictions placed on when and how much I can eat. I learned more about myself and the power I have in me to accomplish my goals. What a relief to discover I’m not broken."

- Patty

"I wasn’t sure I could succeed at something like this. I couldn’t not think about food. Urges and binges controlled my life. I was very frustrated with myself, my feelings of being out of control. I am so grateful to have found this program, as I have been fighting a weight problem for 50 years, yo-yo dieting and never really succeeding. This program offers a totally new approach, as it addresses the real issue, our brains. Fernanda has done a lot of research, including using this plan to address her own issues very successfully. It will teach you in a very organized and thorough manner how to once and for all stop binge or overeating. It’s been such a great learning experience, and I know I will continue to benefit from the program and the lessons, I cannot thank Fernanda enough!"

- Ellen

"For close to 30 years, I’ve been a part of 12-step food programs and similar kinds of groups, putting forth great effort to change, grow and heal, and in Fernanda’s Eating on Tellus course, within just 3 short months, I have been able to shift fundamentally in awareness, willingness and mindfulness. I have learned about the inner workings of our brain and how the “lower brain” can keep us trapped as a prisoner to cravings, negative thought patterns and belief systems. Using simple techniques and short meditations, we are able to access different parts of our brain that teach and rewire, training it exactly where we would like it come from instead. The tools that Fernanda offers to free us from this are simple, but take a committed effort to practice and integrate.

With focus and community support, I have released a long-history of obsessive-compulsive micromanaging of my food and weight, and opened up to a more intuitive, trusting way of living with myself and my body. I’ve been able to immerse myself into the flow of the program’s concepts and be guided by a masterful & bright leader and compassionate coach in Fernanda. She has fostered a strong community and continually gives above and beyond of herself. The success of the program is in the profound fundamental shifts most of us have experienced ~ the participant’s results speak for themselves!"

- Heidi