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It was never about the food

Food Freedom is NOT a Myth - It's a SKILL

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If your dinner plate feels like a battlefield, then welcome, friend. You’re in the right place.

Lemme guess. On the average day, your inner monologue goes something like this:

“Today is the day I’ll start eating perfectly. I’ll order a salad instead of grabbing a slice. And when I get back to the office, I won’t even look at the vending machine. I’ll march straight past it and eat the apple I packed this morning.”

So every single bite of anything feels like a tiny failure. Until the evening comes and you find yourself fist-deep in a pint of Ben & Jerry’s wondering “How the heck did this happen???”

“Don’t worry,” says the incessant voice in your head running the show. “Tomorrow will be different.”

But it never is, is it?
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“I’m successful at everything else in life, so why can’t I figure out my food?"


It’s not like you’re not smart. You are. Exceptionally smart, even.

You’ve read all the latest research. Gluten-free? Sugar-free? You’ve been riding that train since the 80’s. Old news. Keto? Paleo? Puh-leeze. You wrote the book on those diets.

You’ve done the infrared sauna, the cold plunges, the elimination, detoxification, starvation, deprivation...every trick in A-L-L the diet books.

None of it works.

Or maybe it works for a little bit. But then the pounds creep back. Suddenly the freezer is stocked with Ben & Jerry’s again, and no one knows how it got there.

Then comes the rush of guilt & shame.

Everyone was so happy for you when you lost the weight. You paraded around like a superstar. Finally, a breakthrough!

But then your old habits kicked back in. This time in overdrive. Leaving you feeling worthless, broken, and like a complete loser.

And like everyone knows it.

Well let me tell you something:


You aren’t broken. You aren’t an addict. And you don’t need a 12-step program.


Your brain is simply doing what it’s been trained to do. That’s all. You didn’t know better.

The weight loss gurus want you to believe that you’re broken, that you need a lot of help and support to be successful.

That something is wrong with you and if you just follow their food plan and their food rules you’ll be able to succeed.

You’ve noticed this too, right? You’ve experienced this many times before.

I’m here to tell you they are mistaken. I’m here to tell you that
nothing is wrong with you.

That nothing was ever wrong with you. You’re not broken or flawed.

Your past failures when it comes to figuring out your weight and eating says absolutely nothing about your character or about you, as a human being.



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It was NEVER about the food.

Jumping on another diet will set you up for failure because:

A.It was never about having food rules

B. It was never about willpower

c. It was never about a perfect food plan

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Food freedom isn’t some airy-fairy idea made up to sell books. It’s real.

But right now, it probably feels like a fantasy. Because until you experience it, you just have no idea. Really. It’s like asked “What’s it like to be enlightened?

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For real tho. Here’s what’s different when you have true food freedom.

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You’re invited to a party. Instead of getting triggered by every food on the buffet table, black-out binging and spending 4 days wracked with guilt, you eat like a “normal person,” pick at the foods that look good to you, but spend most of your time hanging with other party guests


You’re at the grocery store. Instead of stocking up on sugar cereals and jumbo packs of M&Ms (“for the kids”), you simply pick up the foods on your grocery list...and then walk out of the store!


You’re at the movies. Instead of upgrading to the supersized, extra-butter popcorn (“for the family”) and x-large diet coke (zero calories, you got this!), you don’t even bring snack—because seriously, you just had lunch and dinner’s only an hour away!


You just had a mega-stressful day. Instead of ending the day with a double-cheese pizza and sweatpants, you double up on your meditation practice, nourish yourself with a normal-sized portion, and go to bed. (Revolutionary, right?!)

You understand, on a deep level, that you can eat whatever you want. You just choose not to.

You don’t need willpower.

You don’t get hijacked by your brain. You can say “no” at any moment

It comes down to a deep shift within. When you see it differently, everything changes.

I’ve distilled everything I’ve learned and discovered on my 25 year long journey to food freedom and condensed it to a 2 month intensive that aims to radically transform your life from the inside out.

I created this program exactly as I wish it would have been designed when I needed it the most.

A program with everything I would have needed to walk away from the struggle with food, in the fastest way possible, without all the unnecessary detours and failures.
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A program:

☛ For all the ”hopeless” cases out there

☛ For the ones who “can’t figure it out”
☛ For the ones who have failed at every single food plan
A program that shows you the way to lasting food freedom.

Imagine a life where you never think about food, diets or your weight.

A place where goals and dreams are reached. Where life is lived with ease and joy. Where there is no constant inner (food) struggle.
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Is there really a way to have peace with food?

Yes. And I found it.

  • Not through food rules
  • Not through abstinence
  • Not through therapy
  • Not through food addiction support groups
  • Not through positive thinking and a “I’ve got this!” attitude
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    Through Mindfulness.

    From the inside out.
    And not, as I had previously believed, from the outside in.
    Because it was never about the food.
    We’ve been looking in the wrong direction all this time.

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    So you think you’re a sugar junkie?

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    If you’re a sugar junkie, struggling with getting your cravings & urges under control and it feels like mission impossible, you are in the right place



    • Having to never search for a new solution (read diet) that will finally do the trick, ever again

    • Learning how to easily and effortlessly dismiss any food thought or urge (which will make following a food plan of your choice a breeze!)

    • Being done with diet programs and diet books (this! Best feeling ever)

    • Seeing that you were fine all along, nothing was ever wrong with you, you just had been looking in the wrong direction

    Ditch the “food addict” mindset, upgrade your inner leadership and achieve a complete transformation from the inside out
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    How I walked away from the struggle and found


    When I was 16 years old I went on my first diet. Since then the struggle with food has been real.

    After trying every diet on the planet, and failing miserably at them all, I surrendered to a food addiction program.

    Which I failed at again.

    I began researching. I found the answer. I never looked back.

    The rest is history.

    Today I’m walking proof that food freedom is real.

    And that my friend, is why I created this program. To show you exactly what I did, and to teach you how you can do it too.

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    "Fernanda is a wise, compassionate soul who can guide you toward food freedom. She has seen something about the human experience that has given her a wisdom that is rare. She has been where you are. Let her share what she's seen with you!"

    ~ Dr. Amy Johnson, Author of the bestselling The Little Book of Big Change and creator of The Little School of Big Change

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    Get your power back and end the struggle with food once and for all

    A journey to food freedom, without restrictive meal plans or complicated food rules

    This program offers a complete system designed to walk you step-by-step to food freedom. It’s a practical no-nonsense approach, taking the guesswork out.

    A program that will teach you everything you need to change your brain with the power of your mind (a.k.a mindfulness) and finally have peace with food.

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    This is a complete program that will radically transform you from the inside out

    ☛ Never having to worry again about what food you can eat and what food you can’t

    ☛ Walk confidently into any social situation without having to bring your own food because you have so many rules around your eating

    ☛ Stop wasting money on diets, fancy shakes and expensive weight-loss gadgets

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    Peace with food and ending the struggle with your eating is the result of a way of being that requires a willingness and an openness to changing your habitual thinking around food.

    These are skills that are mastered through time with practice and are available to you at any moment.

    Practicing the art of paying attention and having an awareness of our inner world is what mindfulness and food freedom comes down to.

    And having a community where you can be vulnerable, authentic and feel safe in is crucial.

    Yes, you'll learn the strategies behind everything you do, but more importantly, you'll have a step-by-step process that leaves nothing out and takes nothing for granted as you implement it.

    The end result: FOOD FREEDOM

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    ☛ ...You could dismiss any food thought or urge at will? And do it with ease, again and again until the incessant food chatter stops bothering you

    ☛ ...You could use the power of mindfulness and apply it to other areas of your life and experience a deep transformation in the way you live

    ☛ ...You could enjoy any social situation and never again experience “post-event-binge”

    ☛ ...You could stop thinking about diets, food rules, plans and weight loss programs and start living your life fully again

    ☛ ...You could follow a food plan of your choice and actually stick to it, like a normal person, and by doing so reaching your ideal weight (yes!)
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    "A brilliant program that offers the true answers."
    — Gina Abrams

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    "It was the best decision I have made for myself!”
    — Barb Roehler

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    “I could define this course as “Life-changing”"
    — Silvia Soave


    Client Love

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    Who this is NOT for:

    ☛ People looking for yet another diet. (I will not tell you what to eat, give you any food plan, rules, guidelines or recipes. I know, crazy right? And still I promise you you’ll be empowered to finally reach your ideal weight

    ☛ People who are not interested in doing the work, meditations or daily assignments.

    ☛ People who are not willing to change, not willing to leave a part of them behind, forever

    ☛ People looking for a quick fix. Nope, this program will set you up for a lifelong commitment to yourself. So no quick fix. No going back to your old self
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    Who this is for:

    High achievers. People who are ready to change and do whatever it takes to end binge eating/overeating/emotional eating once and for all

    Ambitious people who are ready to commit to do the daily practice (because when the inside falls into place, the outside follows)

    People who are willing to try mindfulness and neuroplasticity - cool stuff that will rock your world!

    People who want to learn to eat all kinds of foods again and drop the ”food addict” mindset

    People ready for a paradigm shift in eating and open up to a new reality
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